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  • Niko Benas

August 27, 2021 - An early autumn late summer evening on the Southern Wine Route

The goals of this Palatinate Forest excursion were the Wettereck lookout point in Leinsweiler and the Slevogtfelsen, which is located on the west side of the Föhrlenberg.

Both viewpoints lead over the Slevogtweg and are less than 10 minutes' walk from each other. Both places offer a wonderful panoramic view to the west of the Trifels Imperial Castle and the ruins of Anebos and Münz.

Ideal photo spots for taking pictures of spectacular sunsets.

At the Wettereck spot, the Annweiler Forestry Office has now covered the two existing picnic benches so that you can relax and enjoy the wonderful view even in bad weather.

Slevogt, a German artist, it is said, came here very often and was inspired by the panorama.

Two hours before sunset, the sky was covered with gray clouds, and heavy rain showers passed through in the northwest. A few rays of sunshine managed to break through the clouds again and again and offered a exciting spectacle.

The dark clouds over my head and on the horizon seemed to feel very comfortable and made no move to leave. Fortunately, however, you could always see a few gaps in the cloud that widened and widened on the horizon.

Finally the setting sun was colorful and intense for a few minutes, the clouds began to glow and a wonderful natural spectacle took its course ...


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