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  • Niko Benas

December 31, 2021 - New Year's Eve at lake Hintersee

Lake Hintersee is a 16.4 hectare scenic lake in the municipality of Ramsau in Berchtesgadener Land in Upper Bavaria, about two kilometers west of the center of Ramsau.

Even in winter, the (almost) untouched nature around the picturesque lake invites you to linger and relax.

This year I decided to spend New Year's Eve there from sunrise to sunset and take some nice photos.

Heavy as lead, dense winter fog had settled on the water and the surrounding landscape, enveloping the scenery in a mystical morning light atmosphere throughout the morning.

After all, in winter the sun does not appear behind the Hochkalter massif (2607 m) until midday.

The pale blue colored fog slightly veiled the mysterious surroundings and the snowy mountain peaks that were already getting the first rays of the sun, while the clear lake picturesquely reflected this magical scenery.

During a huge rock fall several thousand years ago, around 15 million cubic meters of rock broke off the Hochkalter massif. These boulders are scattered throughout the valley and lake.

The numerous small islands in the water have formed on and around boulders and are now naturally green. Coniferous trees also grow there.

The Hintersee lay crystal clear and mirror-smooth in front of me, while elsewhere the cool water slowly froze over from the shore. Around a few mini-islands, the ice-cold wet was already frozen.

A fantastic walk through the so-called magic forest was a must.

At the latest when the sun came out and its warm rays slowly but surely dissolved the fog, a perfect landscape scenery lay in front of me. This idyllic landscape was complemented by the Hochkalter massif, which rises majestically above the lake. Next door you can also see the snow-covered Hoher Göll mountain.

It is not said for nothing that time flies by and never returns, it comes and hurries by; One should seize the moment! So I exhausted every minute of this wonderful, unforgettable day in this magical place until sunset and I was grateful and unspeakably delighted in it.


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