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  • Niko Benas

February 18, 2021 - Colorful morning at the quarry pond

A day trip, a short walk, cooling off including water sports in summer or looking for impressive photo opportunities? There is a suitable lake for everyone in the Karlsruhe area all year round.

Especially atmospheric they present themselves during the Blue or Golden Hour, which is a very special attraction for photography.

On this morning, the first light of the day presented itself at first hesitantly on the horizon. Below the orange-red reflection of the dawn, the characteristic blue band could be seen over the horizon.

The orange-reddish and purple hues of the veil clouds in the morning sky increased in intensity from minute to minute. In addition, there were impressive reflections on the surface of the windless lake visible.

A few moments later, the sky was on fire.

In the end, the colorful and intense color spectacle lasted less than 10 minutes. The warm air brushed the cold water surface, thick fog came up and provided a mystical morning mood.

An impressive daybreak that I will not forget soon...

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