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  • Niko Benas

March 19, 2021 - Last snow in Trifelsland?

That afternoon I decided to visit the Slevogtfelsen rock near Leinsweiler, which offers a wide panoramic view of the Trifels Imperial Castle and the ruins of Anebos and Münz. The view is very popular as a photo opportunity, especially at sunset.

The term March winter does not exist without reason. This year, the winter caught up again in March. This was evident in the form of polar cold air and a few snowflakes that afternoon as well.

The sandstone rock is named after the painter Max Slevogt (1868 - 1932). Slevogt spent many years of his life nearby at his Neukastel country estate above the village of Leinsweiler. He often came to the remote place to enjoy the peace and quiet and the spectacular view.

Leinsweiler is a municipality in the Southwest Wine Route district in Rhineland-Palatinate. Directions to the photo spot: From Annweiler via the K2, past the “Trifelsruhe” cemetery and past Bindersbach to the “Ahlmühle” car park. From there a short ascent of about 20 minutes via a path.The Slevogtfels is accessible at all times.

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