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  • Niko Benas

May 14, 2022 - Early in the morning at the Lake Ammersee

Admittedly, to experience and photograph a sunrise in the summertime, you have to get up pretty early. If it is also a photo location that is about 3 hours drive away, then a longer but leisurely night drive is also announced.

With a length of 16 km and a width of 6 km and a depth of up to 81 meters, the Ammersee, the third largest lake in Bavaria west of Munich, is not just a beautiful bathing lake.

In addition to attractive photo spots, it also offers a few great walks in nature.

The climatic health resort of Schondorf, which has numerous jetties, floating boats and colorful boathouses as photogenic photo motifs, is also ideal for a sunrise. A true paradise for nature lovers and photo enthusiasts.

When the world awakens early in the morning, the light is strikingly clear and flawless.

Pastel-colored shots are usually successful before sunrise, and the first rays of the sun are also the warmest. The rising sun, the illumination and the cloud density changed every minute and permanently put the scenery in front of me in a new light!

The most photogenic phase lasted longer than the usual few minutes this morning. The reason for this was the constantly changing cloud formations and their density, which repeatedly kept the rising sun partially hidden. The surprising lighting mood also made this excursion a very special event.

Eventually the sunlight became irresistibly brighter, it created harsh shadows and the images looked very restless. Now at the latest the time had come to enjoy an extended and fine breakfast...

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