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  • Niko Benas

February 11, 2024 - Winter happiness on the Lofoten

In mid-February, after my last visit in summer, I was able to visit the beautiful Lofoten archipelago again for a few days. A mountain range consisting of young and bold peaks that plunge into the North Atlantic off the coast of Norway, which offers few comparisons in the world.

Apart from the fact that I was finally able to see and photograph my first dancing Northern Lights live, I was even more excited about the magical winter light of the north. February to March - in these weeks you find a good compromise between the number of hours of sunshine and good light with a high probability of being able to photograph the Northern Lights at night.

Basically, one can say that in February a more or less unobstructed view towards the southeast during a sunrise and towards the southwest during a sunset represent the ideal conditions for successful images.

Here is a selection of my personal favorites, purely subjective and without any claim to completeness.

I limited myself to the islands of Moskenesøy, Flakstadøy, Vestvågøy and Gimsøy.

Sunrise photo location suggestions

Reine is one of the most famous fishing villages in Lofoten and has existed since 1743. This is the right place if you want to capture one of the typical Lofoten motifs and take photos from one of the most popular Lofoten viewpoints. The red fishing huts of Hamnøy against the impressive mountain backdrop of the Reinefjord are probably the most famous photo motif in the Lofoten. With a bit of luck, you can experience a particularly intense sunrise in winter that bathes the entire scenery in a magical light.

In contrast, you can photograph the rising sun over the Norwegian mainland and the Vestfjord.

In the picturesque Nusfjord, a fishing village on Flakstadøy, 35 km northeast of Hamnøy, you can take wonderful sunrise photos if the weather permits.

If you position yourself near Leknes on the Holandsveien road that leads to Uttakleiv beach with a view over Saltisen Bay to the Vestvågøy mountains, then you can enjoy and photograph beautiful morning atmospheres.

In front of Klokkarnika Bay near Gravdal, 5 km south of Leknes, you can find various foreground elements that can enrich a sunrise photo.

On the small island of Gjermesøya near Ballstad, 12 km from Leknes, you have a few options to find a suitable spot towards the rising sun. On the one hand, you can orientate yourself above the Lofoten Seaside Apartments and on the other hand, you can take photos on the opposite bank with a view of the Rorbuer.

In winter the sun rises over the mountains of Austvågøy. This is when Gimsøy Kirke presents itself at its most impressive in a landscape bathed in white winter.

Suggestions of sunset photo locations

It is a unique experience to watch a sunset on Ramberg Beach.

Bathing beaches are naturally associated with warmth. That's why it's fascinating to experience this wonderful beach with sunshine but also with frost, snow and ice.

Leaving the E10, the road to Fredvang passes over 2 bridges and connects the island of Flakstadøya with the island of Moskenesøya. From there you have a beautiful view of the Volandstinden mountain (457 m).

Its distinctive pyramid shape has also earned it the nickname “Kirkjufell of the Lofoten”.

Beautiful landscape photos can be taken at both sunrise and sunset in this wonderful location.

The coast in front of and near Vareid is a highlight among the best photo spots in Lofoten. The rock structures along the shore are diverse and are supported by the mountains opposite, including: the local mountain Flakstatinden (484 m), a variety of motifs arise. The orientation is perfect for a winter sunset.

The sandy beach of Haukland is ideal for playing with reflections or patterns in the sand. There are countless possibilities for a targeted image composition using dominant foregrounds. With the patterns and lines you can bring a beautiful depth into the image and with a gray filter you can achieve extraordinary effects.

A gifted photo spot to photograph a spectacular sunset.

On the Fv840 near Steine, 13km southeast of Leknes, you can catch the last rays of sunshine on a winter day in the Lofoten Islands in many places.

The remote bay of Unstad, probably the northernmost surfer's paradise in the world, offers perfect conditions for long exposures just before sunset. The coast is lined with a variety of rounded rocks, which in combination with the waves and the also round hill Helligenberget (238 m) offer a perfect synergy.

If you don't get the morning or evening light you want straight away, you'll definitely have to do it next time or at the next unexpected moment. The Lofoten Islands are known and typical for rapid weather changes.


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