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  • Niko Benas

April 6, 2021 - Typical April weather in the Palatinate Forest

On that afternoon, the goal of my photo hike, was the Buchkammerfels rocks in the southern part of the Palatinate Forest. Typical April weather was predicted, so I was hoping for some atmospheric pictures by sunset.

The weather god was gracious: Typical April weather including sleet showers, snow flurries with some sunny sections, came with very exciting moments and unique impressions of nature.

In the climbing guide, the Buckammerfels is called "Heidenkammern" because it is located on the Heidenberg (420 m), as there are some carved chambers from ancient times in the interior of the rock. They are said to have served as an outpost or guard post for Drachenfels Castle.

The fact is that the chambers were last used for military purposes during World War II.

Drachenfels Castle lies on the eponymous 150-metre-long bunter sandstone rocks which are on a ridge at an elevation of 368 metres (1,207 ft) above sea level. Because of its present appearances the remains of the tower are known as the Backenzahn ("molar tooth") by the locals and make it one of the most striking castles in Rhineland-Palatinate.

The starting point of the 30-minute hike to the Buchkammerfels is the Drachenfels hiking car park behind the Weisensteiner Hof.


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