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  • Niko Benas

January 6, 2022 - Glacier hike in Tyrol

In the south of North Tyrol, surrounded by the beautiful Austrian Alps and mountain ranges, we were able to experience a unique snowshoe hike in the rear Pitztal that is second to none.

A glacier hike on snowshoes to the Braunschweiger hut and back was on the program.

Together with another couple and the expert mountain guide Fredl, who knows the terrain, we first boarded the Gletscherexpress at the valley station in Mittelberg. After an almost 8-minute ride on the cable car, which runs completely underground, we reached the mountain station at 2840 m. A height difference of 1111 meters was overcome.

From the mountain station of the Gletscherexpress we first went down to the glacier. We sped down this section on the sleds provided by Fredl, great fun! After we had left the toboggans together at a collection point, we walked across the glacier, constantly following our accommodating mountain guide. After the crossing, there was a somewhat tedious and exciting 2.5-hour climb to the Braunschweiger hut.

The hut is not managed in winter, but the winter room is open and so we were able to warm up and strengthen ourselves sufficiently for the descent hike.

An adventure hike over the tree line, which allowed breathtaking views and outstanding views of the glaciers of the Ötztal Alps in optimal weather conditions. We were able to discover numerous facets of an untouched and quiet winter landscape and so everyone could develop their own personal sense of winter.

After a high-pitched march down the valley, it was time again: "On the sledges, get set, go!" A powerful and more than one kilometer long pleasure on a sometimes extremely meandering side ski route, 1000 meters down into the valley.

Exhausted but more than satisfied back at the starting point of an adventurous and unforgettable tour.


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