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  • Niko Benas

July 31, 2022 - Mountain hike to the picturesque Lake Schrecksee

We started the hike to the idyllic Schrecksee (1813 meters above sea level) at the "Auf der Höh" car park in the Alpine village of Hinterstein in the Bavarian Oberallgäu region at around 7 a.m. in the morning.

Past lush green meadows and idyllic mountain valleys while low-hanging, gray clouds above us gave the scenery something menacing.

However, no rain was forecast for that day, and the cloud cover was even supposed to break up around noon.

At the E-Werk we went left steeply up partly rocky terrain in the forest, but after a while we found ourselves on a flatter hiking trail towards the end of the valley.

While the last high steep step, visible from afar, was getting closer and closer, a few warm rays of sunshine dared to emerge.

Now only a stony path had to be climbed in serpentines.

During the arduous ascent, a few glances down to the starting point in the gorgeous Hintersteiner Tal were enough to find further motivation.

All the effort was worth it and the view over the enchanting Schrecksee at 1813 m in a striking valley basin quickly compensated for the exertion.

The picturesque lake is the only alpine lake with a real island. Green meadows stretch from the surrounding peaks right down to the water.

In total, the 8 km long and approx. 1000 m hike from the parking lot to the lake took about 3.5 hours. Many hikers end their tour here, but you should definitely dare the short ascent to the church roof saddle. On the way there, there are unique views down to the Schrecksee.

In addition, the different views of the lake are impressive when you circle it clockwise.

Shortly before we started our way back, the cloud cover had broken up in places over the high valley and the sun sent a few hot rays over the Allgäu high Alps as a farewell.


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