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June 7, 2023 - The Midnight Sun in Lofoten

Located in northern Norway, washed by the Norwegian Sea, Lofoten is characterized by an impressive landscape made up of mountains towering over the sea of ​​rare beauty.

From late May to mid-July, the Midnight Sun reigns there. A natural phenomenon that occurs above the Arctic Circle in summer: the earth rotates in an inclined axis to the sun.

As a result, the North Pole faces the sun in summer, so the sun does not set over the Arctic Circle for several weeks.

View of the Risoya Islands from the north facing part of Gimsøy

I finally wanted to experience such magical moments myself and definitely photograph some of them. So from June 7th to 16th I set out on a journey, a little odyssey, to northern Norway.

First from Frankfurt to Oslo and from there to the port city of Bodø by plane. Then by ferry to Moskenes, at the southwest end of Lofoten.

Entrance to the port of Moskenes

During the crossing, the swell was limited. Finally, I was warned that during this 4-hour trip with strong winds you can get seasick very quickly.

When the ferry reached Moskenes at around 19:30, the sky was obscured by a thick layer of gray cloud. Still, it's a fascinating sight.

The best places to watch the Midnight Sun in Lofoten are stretches of coast or mountains with a clear view to the north. At around 01:00 the sun is due north, its lowest point in the sky.

The location of the midnight sun remains the same as summer comes and goes.

The only change is the position of the sun above the horizon at the summer solstice on 20/21. peaked in June.

Hamnøy, view at Reinefjord Lofoten

But before I visited the individual locations one after the other, I had to visit one of the most beautiful places in Lofoten, Reine. A charming place, whose colorful wooden houses cling to every free piece of stone and are often up to their knees in water. It is essential to look into this picturesque fjord world, where glaciers have formed unique, majestic landscapes.

Reinebringen - Lofoten's most popular viewpoint you have to visit!

The mountain tour to the 442 m high local mountain of Reine, to Reinebringen, is also indispensable. If there is one hike that you should definitely do in Lofoten, this is it. The incredibly beautiful panorama is like a bird's eye view and you can see the surrounding peaks of the Lofoten. Norway experiences you will never forget. The Reinefjord presents itself in bright shades of green and blue. Looking out over Reine, Lake Reinevatnet and the Kirkfjord in the background.

On the beach at Uttakleiv

In the north of the island of Vestvågøya is one of the most beautiful beaches in Europe, Uttakleiv Strand. The beach, protected by a mountain massif, is equally popular with surfers and surfers. Nature photographers will also find a dream setting here.

In the distance you can see the peaks of Medskolmen and Skolmen, a fine white sandy beach and countless rocks in the most varied shapes in between.

On the beach at Myrland

The Midnight Sun on Myrland beach, another hidden gem of Lofoten. However, it has become increasingly popular in recent years. The appeal of this small sandy beach lies in the accumulation of large boulders perfectly placed on the tide line.

On the beach at Storsandnes

The secret of Storsandnes is already out, a quiet little beach on the east side of Flakstadøy.

Depending on the tides, Storsandnes offers a wide range of seascape shots.

Since the Norwegian heath is hardly accessible for heavy equipment, it is absolutely no problem for Nordic wild sheep. They have long since adapted to Lofoten's geography and climate and seem to enjoy grazing with a view, which I've often seen for myself.

Gimsøy's white wooden church

The north-facing part of Gimsøy offers great views of the open sea and is a popular spot to watch the midnight sun. A striking photo motif can be u. a. the white wooden Gimsøy church in Vågan parish. It is located in the village of Gimsøysand and was built in 1876 in the long church style.

A moose in the wild near Mortsund: the king of the woods

I had to say goodbye to this beautiful spot after 10 days, but the weather gods meant well with me. I've only had two nights where the midnight sun hid behind dark gray clouds.

Otherwise, I was able to experience the hoped-for magical moments in which the color tones changed, plus the most diverse and remarkable cloud formations in the sky and a sun that never set and always conjured up new colors.

I am grateful for every breathtaking moment I was able to experience here and can't wait to come back soon. At the latest when I want to admire the Northern Lights.


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