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  • Niko Benas

March 28, 2022 - Timeless morning calm at the lake

March 2022 set a new record with more than 235 hours of sunshine. On one of the last glorious sunny days, I decided to take some atmospheric morning shots at the lake Erlichsee near Oberhausen-Rheinhausen near the city of Speyer.

The approx. 650,000 m² large lake is part of a lake district made up of seven lakes. Three of these lakes are connected by breaches. The Erlichsee impresses with its very clean water in which even crayfish feel comfortable. Due to the surrounding nature-protected swamp areas, there are also various wild and water birds to admire on and around the lake.

When I arrived at the shore of one of these numerous lakes just before sunrise, large swaths of fog were lying over the area. Long reeds, dark silhouettes of majestic trees and the enchanting views of the calm water were shrouded in dense fog. Nearly a dozen magnificent swans swam through the misty veils, completing this idyllic vista.

A timeless silence reigned on the shore when at some point the brightly shining disc of the sun appeared between the trees and bushes. With the warmth of the sun's rays, a mystical light veil of mist formed over the water, which hesitantly at first, but then dissolved into nothing more and more quickly.

The sun's rays quickly spread over the small lake, but the calm remained. A wonderfully illuminated lake landscape opened up to the eye, a magic of nature.

The sun rose on a new, peaceful day...


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