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  • Niko Benas

October 24, 2021 - Golden October at Lake Almsee

Sometimes you are almost completely alone on the "Jewel of the Alps" in the idyllic Almtal valley in the Upper Austrian Alps.

Especially before sunrise, when fog hovers over its crystal clear water.

We are talking about the Lake Almsee, which was formerly also called Albensee and is one of the few mountain lakes in Upper Austria that has so far been spared from the construction boom and bank nesting.

I visit this magical place several times a year, it is always an exhilarating feeling to escape the hectic pace of everyday life and land on this beautiful mountain lake with a fantastic mountain backdrop in the background.

Despite a long wait in the thickest fog, it also presented itself from its most beautiful side on this quiet autumn day in October. The variety of colors of the deciduous forests, when the leaves turn golden and red and the mountains of the Dead Mountains are reflected in the mirror-smooth water of the lake, is breathtaking.

Along the beautiful circular path that leads around the lake, I was able to take a few enchanting snapshots.

The Almsee measures just five meters at its deepest point. However, the many different fascinating shades of green and blue mask this very cleverly. Had Caspar David Friedrich ever been here, he would certainly have painted the Almsee.


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